Thrive: Heavy Lies the Crown is a medieval survival city builder where the fate of your kingdom weighs heavily on the choices you make. Will you struggle to survive, or find the strength to Thrive?

Pillars of gameplay

Benevolence & Tyranny

Intentions can lead to
unexpected consequences.

The path by which you rule, be it benevolent or tyrannical, is determined entirely by the decisions you make. Thrive’s narrative-driven event system presents dynamic, nuanced options that often make the best choice unclear. Compassion and communion with nature can empower you, but rapid growth and progression could catapult your dominion. One must always remember that a hero to some is a villain to others. What will be your legacy?

A Vast Land

Exploration can only
strengthen your influence.

Establish your presence in a large-scale 4X land, rich in possibility and potential conflict, with up to four friends. Compete for resources and develop relationships with numerous AI villages and kingdoms, strengthening your foothold in this new territory’s active economy. Develop outposts and small villages to gain increased resources while helping to extend the reaches of trade. As your kingdom grows, will you develop a legacy of fear or friendship?


Resilience brings hope to an
uncertain future.

To survive is to take heed of what you can control, and weather what you cannot. Direct your kingdom’s future through effective planning, advancement and a detailed tech tree. Success is rewarded with new options to empower or enforce the nature of your rule. Countless variables, from weather to Waelgrim, add increased pressure to your reign. Endure these unpredictable forces and prove you truly have what it takes to thrive.

Waging War

Might alone will not conquer
the battlefield.

Thrive’s real-time combat is reflected in the costs of war. Choices are realistic and impactful: soldiers’ deaths affect morale, ammunition needs resupply, armour and weapons require repairs, and troops experience fatigue. Engage in siegecraft, both as an inflictor and receiver, to show you can persevere against any form of adversary. Approach all conflict with a clear strategy, lest you long for a bitter reminder of failure’s high cost.

the world

  • The Waelgrim
  • The Settlers
  • The Curia
  • Nysamor

The Waelgrim

A mysterious, non-tangible entity, whose presence is often established by a thick fog. Some say it takes the form of a beast or man; others curse it for the destruction of crops or fallen cattle. It has become synonymous with hardship and tragedy. Still, there are those who believe they can harness or commune with the Waelgrim, a dynamic that could see one’s kingdom realize its absolute potential.

The Settlers

The last remaining citizens of Aldamor have followed you to this strange land, desperate for a new home. A diverse range of citizens provide unique challenges and there are difficult decisions to be made. Not everyone will be pleased, but with the majority of your citizens’ trust, there is nothing and no one you cannot conquer.

The Curia

Three key advisors from your Curia (court) provide different perspectives on high level decisions from the moment your rule is established. Your own plans must be weighed against those who provide counsel, for they have desires of their own. Heed their words, but choose wisely, for you alone are the arbiter of your kingdom’s fate.


You will encounter indigenous farmers, merchants and mercenaries as you stake your claim in Nysamor. This land was theirs long before you arrived, and the choices you make will echo through its vast and varied communities. When those with the most to lose learn of your presence, it’s only a matter of time before they come for you...


  • Struggle with real-time decision making that leads to real-time consequences
  • Uncover the true nature of the mysterious Waelgrim
  • Discover your benevolent or tyrannical nature
  • Traverse an unknown land to gain new resources and allies
  • Explore this land alone or with up to four friends
  • Survive the harsh realities of medieval life, both natural and manmade
  • Advance the development of your kingdom through an in-depth tech tree
  • Experience a day-night cycle that affects your citizens’ behaviours
  • Defend your growing kingdom by waging epic battles
  • Receive modding support to play your way